This Is Our Year (ft. Lorde Fredd33)

by Lex Allen x Q the Sun

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written by
Lex Allen
Q the Sun
Lorde Fredd33

produced by
Q the Sun

mixed and mastered by



I'm a mess at times
I don't do everything right
See I'm losing a piece of myself
Cuz I'm wondering what everyone else thinks
But what I fail to see
and be all I can be
See, I sat back and I played the role
Why does everyone want control of me?!?

This is Our Year! AY!
This is our year
and no one can take that away

They'll try to put you in a corner
they'll try to tell you what you can't be
they'll try
but they can't hold me
Self worth leads to you new, aware
now you unfold
Her majesty in the stars
she tells me

This is Our Year! AY!
This is our year
and no one can take that away

(Lorde Fredd33)
I'm patiently waiting to let yourself grow
The question is when you ready to let go?
The void is a choice, black hole of control
what you lack is just that
build that unique soul
From the bottom of the top
don't stop
Give the world all you got, final shot
Buzzer beater from the baseline
apple of your eye
probably tryna give me FaceTime
Spearing the flow, you know I got lyrics to go
Syrian soul, by battle axe serious, holmes
It's a apparent my appearance
reminiscent of ghosts
Wipe my down without a squeegee
my Ouija is dope
The way the crows migrate down south
is uncalled for
Pigeons O.D. make me wonder what we got bars for
All that to say, when it flip 180
They'll be the ones looking crazy
it's Gravvy baby

I'll rise with the strength of a million

This is Our Year
and no one can take that away


released January 30, 2015



all rights reserved


New Age Narcissism Milwaukee, Wisconsin

New Age Narcissism (NAN) is a creative group embodying self-expression through music, film, and performance.

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