Double Feature prEP

by Lorde Fredd33 x Q the Sun

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released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


New Age Narcissism Milwaukee, Wisconsin

New Age Narcissism (NAN) is a creative group embodying self-expression through music, film, and performance.

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Track Name: Lorde Fredd33 x Q the Sun - 6AM // Heavy Metal (ft. Lex Allen, Jay Anderson, and Siren)
Smoking black willow
with a black widow
Tremblin' aspen
Niggas ain't asking
Running through house mashin'
You my favorite alibi
You feel the way my tongue
moving when I'm rapping right
Lights flashing in our minds
We intertwine, iceberg dripping down your spine
Out of this world, Trudy (Jetson)
laying on your booty
You look behind and ask me the time

(Heavy Metal)
Baby, people looking at you crazy
(or am I paranoid)
Mercury, my sacred miss
dripping down my hand and wrist but
(don't go in the water)
That heavy metal
Track Name: Tupacalypse pt.2
styrofoam in they teeth
skull and bones in they arms
green all in they eyes
tryna do me harm
red head from Bompton
bout the paper she 5'2"
bald eagle she fly
pussy look like Caillou

ain't shit sweet on this side
ask me how I know

plucking older crows
her Sega ass
meth head method bitch
I'm Breaking Bad
been a time since Satan passed
empires and nations past
stagnation, her complacent ass
swag surfing in church
with [big] lurch before the surgeon leaves
told Jesus with urgency
and he returned to me
"never end up like Murphy Lee"
took that and I ran with it
Lorde came from the sand
don't touch my hair, bitch, I'm Samson
still hitting that shorty low
Niggas running in place
all gold in they face
hope it's all worth the wait
hope it's all worth the weight
Fredd33 probably get Gaddafi'd
government'll try and pop me
Azzie got me catching bodies
money root of the sin
Lucy's fur, so warm
in the seals we bend
baphomet in her Benz
bout to scoop me right now
headed straight to the top