33: The Education

by Lorde Fredd33

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written and performed by
Cameron "Lorde Fredd33" Henderson

produced and engineered by
Q the Sun (Kiran Vee)

mixed and mastered by
Mammyth Audio

cover art by
Weston Rich


released March 15, 2015



all rights reserved


New Age Narcissism Milwaukee, Wisconsin

New Age Narcissism (NAN) is a creative group embodying self-expression through music, film, and performance.

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Track Name: 100 Miles (prod. Q the Sun, feat. Jay Anderson))
100 miles, imma run it

from the desert sands to the frozen tundra,
you ain’t never trapped these miles
frost bite, stomach all full of hunger
waking up every damn day,
bout to rob a [hmm], living with my momma
fucked off a lil high school, getting high too much lil drama
robbed a couple [kittens],
think eye ducked karma, bitch on the way,
since my baby mother [na-na-nana] ain’t shit left to say
cold heart make a cold dish, no revenge stay focused
keep killing this dope shit, no pity
two crows, that’s 4 tittys
just setup shop in your city
everything here's so chilly
keep it skoakie, all hail
R.I.P. coyote lorde

northside we run it, running keep on running, running keep on runnin

100 miles, Imma run it
Track Name: Inherlude (prod. Khiri)
no time for you new niggas, ya loops up, bruce willis
you on some if you was you, boy-boy who is you?
you chicken shit, coup digger, listening to loop digger
she down at the picnic, eye kickflip just to cruise quicker
push weight, no GNC, she moving like CNC
robotic flow now you know, drip-drip, spray fountain
you fly yet you stay grounded, you wasted, you lying, you sipped
trying to stay round us, just leave us where you found us
heads in my duffle, we don't do the cupid shuffle
shorty tryna rumble, fistacuff cuz eye ain’t tryna cuff who?
no debating, we no scuffle, quit tryna [kick it], just hustle

if this was any other universe,
I'd Probably be down to just sit, but shit, it’s just…

I’m going down that road
trying to save my soul
not saving these crows (no no no)
Track Name: Foreign (prod. Q the Sun)
see my ski mask like my combats
made in China bitch I'm riding foreign
same thing as my "main thing" you can keep the tab
you should peep the tag
cause it cost a whole lot
see my ski mask like my combats
made in China bitch I'm riding foreign
same thing as my "main thing" you can keep her ass,
nigga peep the tag
cause she cost a whole lot

semi-automatic dumping from the side
head shot, bet eye run this red light
lips on fleek, legs spread wide, my oh my
do the crows cry? eyes wide shut
see with closed eyes, never closed thighs
let the moon go, released her to the skies
hit a bumpy johnson, passed er to my guys
niggas out here working part time
selling dope just to stay afloat
niggas talking bout apartheid
call me lorde, bitch eye feel like moses
parting your wavves, pardon my ways
many dragons been slayed
no need to rush, the lust is always, so do not be a slave
Track Name: Nacho Girl (prod. Q the Sun)
That's not your girl, she belongs to the world!

rainbows in my horns, told your girl she better not
she can't be reborn, insomniac her bed rock
all praises to lorde, inhale powder crucifix
not that sure what choosing is, but it seems like she's doing it
rolling with the crew in all black haaan
bath full of yak, fall back haaan
not that sure what choosing is, but it seems like she's doing it

Going down that pathway
the goat cut me off half way,
she oozing, she choosing

rolling with the crew in all black haaan
bath full of yak, fall back haaan

chilly, chilly in Mcgillycuddy's,
bad-bad bout to give me cutty
hit 'er once, pass her to the buddy
all love, its all love
she called up, them halls ducked
this all us, its all lust
we just treat her holy, she suck me and homie
hold us like a rollie.../

guns bustin, that’s percussion
ass clappin, black Russian
she oozing, she choosing

That's not your girl, she belongs to the world!
Track Name: LIMB (prod. Q the Sun)
jumping through your cranium
probably bumping "stadium arcadium,”
i’m high, rolling,
where your man going, never knowing
but you know your boy gotta stay fly (keep going)
bet a nigga never seen it

oh na-na-nana-na-na
eye got the lorde in me
you too

COCAINE on my shirt
COCAINE on her skirt
COCAINE makes her squirt
Track Name: TIME (prod. Q the Sun)
think shit sweet, trap these miles
load up your heat, trap these miles
no need to speak, trap these miles
practice what you preach

time is ticking, ain’t no time for bitching
ain’t no time for wishing
tried to tell you, you ain't wanna listen
time is ticking

ample on my mind
ammo in my nine
damn i'll never die
say they want bars
trapped within their minds
lost in a line
Track Name: MWME (prod. Sani)
falling, is this allowed?
know we gotta make Azzie proud

they tryna turn the midwest to the middle east,
tryna turn the midwest to the middle east

you people ain't tired yet, you people aint tired yet?
what you can't see it yet?
you ain’t gotta be a genius,
eye mean the best you'll ever be is pets
can you see the pest?
if not, you might be the pest
who the pest? you the pest
smoked a hair off buddah's chest in Budapest
doot,doot,doot, Duke nukem
let's get high, na-na-na-naa she fly
eye got my eye, on it
your silhouette my motive
to see you wet, my motive
they killing yea
they drilling, yea
but we healing yea, and they feel it yea
they screaming they want bars,
can't you see they trapped
dressing up they cells, disguising them as schools in fact
jumping Jehoshaphat, wanna see where hoover lacked
in a minute or two i fact,
you'll be swallowing tubes in GUA/tanamo bay (exodous)
free Yasin Bey
no we're not your slaves, an no we're not here to stay
but IVY need bars, can't you see she trapped
she in another league
eye just hope she’s strapped